Human hair extension at-home maintenance and care.
Thank you for choosing NYLA Salon to serve your beauty needs!  We work hard to ensure
that your extension service is relaxing & stress-free.

Regardless of the type of application method used to attach your extension hair, please
follow the guidelines below
to the letter for the best results.  
Shampooing/Getting Extensions Wet

Step 1: Prior to showering or getting your extensions wet, carefully brush your natural
hair and your extension hair.  Do this by taking small sections of hair and holding both the
extension hair as well as you natural hair below the "bond" area (where the extensions are
attached) with one hand.  With the other hand use a boar bristle brush to gently remove any
tangles and smooth the hair.  Use gentle strokes and take your time!  This step is important!

Step 2: Get your hair wet by standing upright.  

- Do not allow spraying water to "pound" the extension bonds.
- Do not "pile" your hair on top of your head.  (This will cause hair to tangle).
- Do not "flip" your head upside down (This puts unnecessary stress of your own hairs
- After wetting the hair use a micro-fiber towel and squeeze excess water from the hair.

Step 3:  Shampooing apply a low pH shampoo approved by NYLA Salon.

- Add shampoo to your fingertips and lightly distribute shampoo at the scalp in a circular
motion taking care to avoid extension bonds.
- Gently spread (do not rub) shampoo down through the midshaft and ends of the hair.  The
shampoo will clean these areas as the hair is rinsed.
- Never scrub extension hair with shampoo.

Step 4:  Squeeze excess moisture from the hair using a microfiber towel prior to applying
a pH appropriate conditioning treatment.

Step 5:  Apply conditioner from 2 inches below the bonds through the ends of the hair.

- Do not allow conditioner to come into contact with bonds.
- Allow the conditioner to remain on the hair for a full 5 minutes.

Step 6:  Rinse conditioner for 30 seconds or less.

Step 7:  Squeeze excess moisture from the hair using a microfiber towel then apply a
leave-in conditioner.
Tools you will need:
1.  Boar bristle or natural fiber brush - for daily brushing of your natural and extension hair

2.  Shampoo, conditioner & treatment at a proper pH level - The products that are used
for shampooing and conditioning will dictate your success or failure.  The cuticle layers of
extension hair should be kept at an acidic pH in order for them to be tangle-free and soft.  
Your NYLA Salon beauty professional will guide you to the appropriate products to use.  
Under no circumstances should you ever use shampoos or conditioners that contain
synthetic oils.

3.  Flat Iron or Curling Iron - Extension hair looks best when it is styled using heated
implements at the appropriate temperature setting.  Do not exceed 425 degrees.

4.  Silk or satin pillowcase - These materials prevent your hair from tangling as you sleep.  
We strongly recommend you braid your hair (dry hair only) prior to sleeping.

5.  Microfiber towels - You never want to use a cotton towel on your hair, whether you have
hair extensions or not.  Cotton is rough on the cuticle layer of the hair and can create
tangling and frizz.  Microfiber towels (you will need more than one) are super absorbent and
will allow you to gently squeeze excess moisture from the hair.

6.  Styling products that do not contain synthetic oils or silicones - Many products are
loaded with synthetic oils and silicones which build up on your natural hair and extension
hair over time making them feel hard and brittle.  This also holds true for sprays that
"protect" the hair during flat-ironing.  Your NYLA Salon beauty professional can guide you to
the appropriate products to use.

7.  A large-tooth comb to separate and de-tangle wet hair
The Golden Rule(s) of Hair Extensions

Do Not ever pull on hair extensions.  Tension is the enemy!  If tension is necessary, grab
below the extension bond so that you do not pull the natural hair.

Shampoo as little as possible.  Once or twice a week is acceptable.  You can wet and
condition the hair on days you do not shampoo.

Condition the hair whenever it is wet, whether you use shampoo or not.  Rinse conditioners
for 30 seconds or less.

Patience is essential!  Take your time when caring for and styling your extensions.

Extension bonds will slip out once in a while.  It's a fact of life.  When this happens keep
the hair so that it may be re-attached.

Style those locks!  Extension hair looks best when styled with flat irons or curling irons!

Invest in the right shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products.  They will
dictate your success or failure!
Styling Hair Extensions

Avoid tension at all cost!

When blow-drying extensions, avoid heating the bond and make sure the air always blows
towards the ends of the hair.

Make sure the hair is completely dry before using flat irons/curling irons.

Temperatures of flat/curling irons should not exceed 380 degrees.

For additional hold, try using light or medium hold hairspray on sections prior to curling

Hot rollers may be utilized as long as you avoid tension on the hair.

Avoid the bond when using heat appliances.  Direct heat (including excessive hot water)
will weaken/soften/destroy the bond.
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