Hair 102:  What hair needs
chemistry of hair
Hair is cheese?
Of course hair is not cheese, but we can illustrate the very
basics of what happens to hair over time.

The photo on the left is a solid block of cheese.  Virgin or new
hair growth is very similar in that it too is completely solid

New hair/virgin hair has not yet been subjected to all of those
things which degrade the hair fiber and rob it of necessary

Chemical services, shampooing, use of heat, the environment
and elements all conspire over time to turn this solid block of
cheese into:
damaged hair
Hair that has been exposed for any length of time to chemicals,
shampooing, use of heat, the environment and elements loses
structure in the form of proteins.

The loss of proteins does not occur just on the surface, but
throughout the entire hair fiber.

Once these proteins are lost, the hair fiber will be ripped, torn,
degraded.  Look at the following images:
Swiss Cheese
Photos A & B = healthy hair (solid cheese)

Photos C - D = damaged hair (swiss cheese)
Turning "Swiss Cheese" into Solid Cheese
Organic Molecular Weight Proteins
Repairing a strand of hair and keeping the hair healthy is relatively easy if we understand what the
hair requires.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is no way to permanently fix a degraded hair fiber.  
Products that correct deficiencies must continue to be used in order to keep positive results.
It is possible to repair the hair fiber healthy by addressing protein deficiencies beginning from the
inside of the fiber and continuing through to the surface .

Treatments containing small and medium weight molecular proteins will be used first, followed by
treatments containing large weight molecular proteins to address the surface of the hair.

The example below shows us where these proteins live, work and play within the hair shaft.
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