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TIRED of being taken advantage of by greedy, demanding and/or unrealistic salon owners?

TIRED of working your tail off and not earning what you think you should?

TIRED of somebody else making rules that benefit "them" first and "you" second?

WANT to start your own salon, but without the risks associated with such a big decision?

NYLA Salon has your solution.....

WE are centrally located in a beautiful, professional building with enormously high ceilings, killer music and a cool, professional staff.

BE your own boss.  SET your own hours.  Come and go as you PLEASE.  

And yes, Keep ALL of the money you charge your clients.

There are no leases to sign. There are no mandatory meetings.  There is no confusing pay structure.  Say goodbye to sitting for hours
waiting on walk-ins' without getting paid!

Rent a chair or private room in our upscale hair salon located on Mack Blvd in Allentown and start building the life you have always
dreamed of!

This is 100% legal as you will be added to our salon license as a "non-equity co-owner" in the business.  

That's right.  You will "own" your own salon with
zero risk.

You are welcome to verify this information with the State Board of Cosmetology by calling 717.783.7130

We provide:  Station, chair, shampoo sink, shampoo chair,  hood dryers,  towel service, electric, water, trash removal, insurance & most

We are here to support you (if you choose) with free technical & continuing education, advertising and much more.  

You choose the color you want to use, the products you love...its all up to you!  You keep EVERYTHING you earn.  We can show you
how to set up online appointment booking as well as how to take your own credit/debit card deposits that go DIRECTLY to YOUR bank
account.  Its all designed to make things EASY for you and your clients!

Don’t have a lot of cash for supplies up front?  You can purchase supplies from us “as you go”!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  We have more to offer that we will be happy to share.  All you need to do is reach out and make the
phone call!

STOP PAYING SALON OWNERS ridiculous commissions and start earning what you are worth.  Our booth rentals begin at just $60.00
per day up to $200.00 per week.  If you are currently averaging $500 per week or more you’re LOSING MONEY by not being your own

Want us to help you “run the numbers” to see if this opportunity is right for you?  Give us a call at 484-893-9496 today and we will share
the ins-and-outs of our business model with you.  You will be glad you did!